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Bring up the GmsDraw editor
Start a new model which will contain 3 side-by-side rectangles
You can choose a different color for each object
There are a few palettes from which objects can be dragged and dropped in to the canvas.

For example: the text we'll use as an ID
Now, we can add Dynamic Properties to our 'tank' section

Click the option on the right
We can also add Dynamic Properties to the 'text' section
Let's create a .dat file then preview the model.

Click "Edit Data File"
Now, the preview has appeared and we're going to... (Mehran input)
Here - we're previewing our new model version
Let's add to our current model and change certain dynamic properties.

Click Dynamic Properties on the left
Below, you can see we are...
As you can see, with our new preview - we've inputted new variables into the model.
Here - what we're doing is:
Our most enhanced model yet is being previewed.

And you can always build up from here
Here, we're renaming our variables and...
We're now saving our new module and...

Click Save right below
Try clicking the orange
color above
After writing our text ( ID: )

Simply click Ok above
Our new model is being previewed in a browser
We're now enhancing our .dat file...
As you can see we're now adding to our .dat file