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Bring up the GmsDraw editor with the command prompt
We have many tools in our GMS Draw editor.

Let's create a quick design to show you how anything can be created with GMS.
With our first rectangle created, we're opening the properties panel.

You can choose different appearances for each object.
Click on the color orange to choose it as a color.

(The pulsating box above)
Now, we're adding our final rectangle and changing the appearance.
Click right above to open the color drop down
After adding color, you can put some text to your rectangle (eventually to make it dynamic)
When your text is ready, you can click Done on the left.
Now, we are simply...
After opening and editing our text editor.

We can click the pulsating Ok button above
We've now edited some text properties.

We can add some colors to the text properties as well.
Adding and editing properties to our text is extremely easy with our editor
Here - we are simply putting new colors to our object
Let's add dynamic properties to the block.

Click Dynamic Properties
Here, we're adding dynamic properties with our simple variables
For our 2nd text block, we're slightly altering the Dynamic Properties
After adding the Dynamic Properties, we...
We're also making sure our .dat file is saved before previewing
See your newest preview right here...
As you can see we've just added a lot more variables...
Once the newer models are saved - let's get ready to preview everything
Check out the moving preview...
Right above - click to paste the model on the second container.

Simply click the box
We're now enhancing our .dat file...
We're just making sure all our copied containers have the right variables...
Let's check out our quick GMS design on the browser...
As you can see we're now adding to our .dat file